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Indas Comercial

Solutions for salespeople

At INDAS, we have been creating solutions in the hygienic-sanitary sector for 60 years. At our laboratories, we manufacture a wide range of products in four different fields: incontinence, sanitary products, hygiene products for women and children and skin protection.

Over time, INDAS has developed solutions that make it possible to enhance people’s quality of life. Therefore, in the spirit of our commitment to maximum quality and innovation, our products are distributed in different commercial channels at both national and international levels, currently reaching a total of 25 countries.

Our laboratories’ products are marketed in the following channels:

Pharmacy as a point of sale; cooperatives, pharmaceutical centres and wholesalers are important links for distribution to a broad and far-reaching network.

Healthcare Centres, both public primary and specialised care, private hospital centres and public and private institutions. The headquarters or purchase groups make important decisions on the suitability and selection of the solution, as well as assessing consumption.

Large consumer retail surfaces, hypermarkets, supermarkets, traditional shops, cash & carry, drugstores and perfume shops and the commercial groups to which they belong.



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