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Indas Comercial

Sanitary products

Ever since we started marketing sanitary products, dressings and cotton in the year 1950, the INDAS range of sanitary solutions has gradually expanded.

The INDAS sanitary solutions range that is distributed to retail surfaces consists of breastfeeding pads, sanitary cotton and gauzes. They all display a high absorption capacity and guarantee high quality, because they are manufactured according to the ISO 9001 Quality System and bear the CE marketing that ensures they are guaranteed.

We will now present the sanitary products that we distribute to commercial surfaces. If you would like more information on our product range, access the “Products” section of this website.

LOTO sanitary hydrophilic cotton: absorbent and highly resistant.

LOTO sterile gauze dressing for use in wounds.

CORAL breastfeeding pads, with a waterproof backsheet, to avoid staining clothes.



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