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At INDAS, we develop our solutions with the ultimate objective of enhancing patients’ lives. Therefore, our skin protection products are mostly intended for elderly people who are for the most part incontinent, the long term bedridden and people in wheelchairs.

Our pads are very different to others available on the market: incorporation of the DERMO concept. The formulations that are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids form a protective barrier on the patient’s skin and the ambiaty oil has properties that regenerate the cells of the dermis and epidermis. Moreover, the aloe vera has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

As well as the incontinence pads, our solutions offer other products to ensure that skin is well cared-for and prevent the formation of ulcers. For example, we have creams and gels to aid healing and protect skin in the case of physical aggressions (stretching, pressure, splinters, wounds, burns…) or chemical aggressions (urine, faeces, sweat), incorporating active principles among their ingredients in order to provide optimal treatment for skin.

At INDAS, we encourage healthcare professionals to heighten the awareness of carers and patients of the need for daily prevention. To this end, we offer a number of useful tips for carers and patients on prevention and skin care

Looking after skin properly will prevent ulcer formation, dehydration and other problems that are characteristic in old age. Adequate hygiene, a correct diet and the use of moisturising and protective products will keep skin whole and healthy.

Body hygiene is a key aspect of skincare, particularly in the elderly, as it ensures protection again external aggressions.

In case of incontinence, the perianal area should be cleaned quickly using neutral soap and non-alcohol-containing protective and moisturising creams should be used.

Moisturising is essential in keeping skin healthy. Drinking between one and two litres of liquid per day, particularly in the case of the elderly, will help to avoid renal and digestive ailments and hydrate skin, meaning that it will be healthier.

Although nutrition should be adjusted to take into account each person’s deficits, a diet that includes fruit, vegetables, carrots, milk, etc. and produces vitamin A, which is responsible for good skin nutrition, is recommended.

In the case of elderly people, in particular, regular warm baths are recommended, except for people with vascular problems.

Sunbathing is beneficial for the body, as long as protective creams are used before and after exposure, as it prevents vitamin D deficit and the loss of bone mass.

In this section, we will show the INDAS products for skincare that are distributed in pharmacies. If you would like more information on our product range, access the “Products” section of this website.

In order to make it easier for you to purchase our articles, we provide TRANSFER INDAS (, an exclusive online platform for pharmacists. TRANSFER INDAS will enable you to place your orders in a convenient manner, join a fidelity programme involving points, access an exclusive download area and avail of our permanent support service, which will make it possible to you to clarify any doubts you may have at any time.

Products for incontinent and bedridden patients or people in wheelchairs:

SABANINDAS absorbent and super-absorbent disposable protector: prevents ulcers from forming and isolates patient from humidity.

ADDERMIS BIACTIV wet wipes with Aloe Vera. Specially designed for the area of the buttocks/ genitals. To find out more about the ADDERMIS BIACTIVE product range, see

ADDERMIS BIACTIVE mitts, particularly suitable for patients that are bedridden or who have difficulties in washing themselves.

 ADDERMIS BIACTIVE sponges, suitable for the complete personal hygiene of bedridden or those who have difficulty washing themselves. With dermatological and hypoallergenic gel to wipe away dirt and impurities from the skin.

Skin protection products:

ADDERMIS BIACTIV protective oil, with extract of ambiaty, blackberry and aloe vera.

CODIPIE elbow and ankle protector to prevent bed sores from forming.

Products for healing wounds:

CICACTIVE wound healing gel with zinc hyaluronate. Healing, antimicrobial and calming effect.



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