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All-in-one Pad (Nature Plus) Refund with prescription product


All-in-one Pad indicated for patients with severe urine incontinence.


BREATHABLE. Sides made of soft textile fabric. The four sides of IncoPack Nature Plus are made from soft textile fabric, allowing the skin to breathe and thus preventing maceration. Fresh skin,healthy skin.

: allows to carry out the daily activities with total confidence, thanks to its high-absorption and retention, leakage absence and to its odour neutralising action.

: keeps the skin healthy, irritation-free, thanks to the action of Aloe Vera and dampness absence in the skin.

: fits to the body in a natural way given its anatomical shape and elastic waist.


Super absorbent dual core, with high absorption capacity.

Super absorbent particles. Keeps the skin away from dampness.

Neutralolor® (odour-neutralising) particles that reduce the concentration of ammonium and neutralises the odour.

Dampness and saturation indicator that allows to know when to change the pad.

Does not contain latex or derivatives.

Adjustable system with double elastic waistband and curved elastics in the perineum area, adjusting the pad and prevents possible leaks.

Non-leak barriers. Complete peace of mind against leaks.

Product localization

Exclusive distribution in hospitals.


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