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NATURE All-in-one Absorbent Pad Nature


Absorbent pad for urinary incontinence with breathable fabric sides. It fits to the body by means of four reusable Velcro-type tabs. It has elastic threads in the crotch area and a rear elastic waistband, which provides an optimal lumbar fit, thus preventing possible leakage and affording total comfort.


SECURITY: daily activity can be performed with total confidence owing to its high absorption and retention, the absence of leaks and the odour neutraliser.

PROTECTION: an optimal combination of absorbent materials in its core, and the breathable sides, keep the skin healthy and free from irritation.

COMFORT: its anatomical shape, elastic waistband and curved elastics in the perineal area all contribute to its snug fit to the body.


There are two features that distinguish this product from traditional all-in-one pads:


They contain an emulsion applied in bands on the covering layer that touches the skin. The emulsion releases Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids, ambiaty extract and aloe vera. This exclusive emulsion is transferred via contact with the patient&#39;s skin, balancing its fat content and minimising transepidermal water loss.* Study carried out by an independent laboratory: Biolab, S.p.A.

2. Breathable

The pad´s four sides are made from a soft textile-type fabric that allows the skin to breathe and avoid maceration.

Other features that set this pad apart are:

  • Swiftzone system - enhanced absorption: an exclusive structure for the absorption and retention of urine keeps moisture away from the skin.
  • Adjustable system: the elastic waistband and curved elastics in the perineal area allow the pad to adapt comfortably to the patient&#39;s anatomy.
  • Anti-leak system: dual anti-leak barriers prevent leakage between the legs.
  • Odour neutralising particles and a pleasant talcum powder smell.
  • A moisture indicator shows the pad&#39;s saturation level.

100% Latex free

The wide variety of sizes and absorption capacities cater to all needs.

Indicated for bedridden patients or for use during the night.

Product localization

Distributed in hospitals.

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