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Babies need the maximum care and require the attention of their parents. We understand that you want to give your baby the best of everything, that you are concerned about always using products that care for them and that you only trust the solutions that offer you the guarantee of ensuring your peace of mind.

Our range of children’s diapers will keep your child’s skin dry, healthy, well cared for and free of irritation.

While they are growing up, many children wet the bed on an involuntary basis (enuresis). It is fundamental for your child and yourself that you address this fact in a natural way. At INDAS, we provide you with our range of pads for children with enuresis and offer a number of tips to ensure your peace of mind.

Many children wet the bed for no apparent reason and at an age at which they should be able to control their bladder. If this is the case with your child, it is important to bear these tips in mind:

Enuresis is involuntary. Do not blame your child for their urine loss, as they are probably already ashamed about it.

Don’t be alarmed: enuresis is quite frequency and tends to resolve over time. Try to address the issue in a natural manner and if you are worried, consult a specialist.

Try to ensure that bedtime is not unpleasant for your child. The child may feel anxious that they are going to wet the bed, so it is important for them to be distracted and not to dwell on this.

The child’s skin should be kept dry and irritation-free to prevent them from waking up during the night. We offer pads for children that will protect their skin from dampness, thanks to their high absorption and liquid retention capacity.

Children have different needs depending on their age, weight and height. Our catalogue offers a wide variety of care products for your child .

If you want to know which is the product most suitable to your needs, click on the "Find your product" button and we will guide you through your search.
Indaslip, for children with enuresis: Complete discretion and security for night leakage.



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