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At Indas, we have spent 25 years studying the needs of people with urinary incontinence and offering products that guarantee a high degree of protection, more safety and absolute comfort.

We know about women’s needs and what they appreciate about our solutions. That is what sets us apart and makes us the market leaders.

Our range of pads will give you greater security, thanks to its high capacity for absorption and odour neutralisation; protection, because it locks away dampness and incorporates agents that help to protect skin; comfort, as they include systems that make them easier to use. We also have a wide range of products, depending on the person’s degree of incontinence and physical build.

At Indas, we know how important it is for you for your everyday life to be easier and we want to contribute towards your comfort and wellbeing and help you to lead a better life.

Moreover, the Indasec website ( provides advice and allows you to consult experts with your queries. Visit the website and find out for yourself!

We are aware of the fact that every person is different and, therefore, we adapt our products to specific needs. Thus, in our catalogue you will find products for different body types and different degrees of incontinence.

If you want to know which is the product most suitable to your needs, click on the “Find your product” button and we will guide you through your search.

Product range for female incontinence:

INDASEC Pads for light incontinence: For all types of incontinence. Discrete, secure and comfortable.
INDASEC PANT Absorbent underwear: High absorption capacity, breathable and discrete; anatomical design, elastic and discrete.
INDASLIP Pads for severe incontinence: Revolutionary and innovative products that protect the skin with their exclusive dermobands, with super-absorbent cores and odour neutralisation particles, providing total discretion, comfort and security.
SABANINDAS and INDASBED Protectors for bedridden patients: Protection from dampness for bedridden or wheelchair-bound patients, improving their comfort and avoiding skin lesions.

Refund with prescription products:

 Pads for severe incontinence: In different shapes, sizes and absorption capacities, suitable for any type of incontinence: light, moderate or severe. Rectangular padsShaped pads and Elastic pads.



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