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Skin care

At INDAS, we know how important your health and that of your loved ones is to you.

We have developed a varied range of solutions aimed at protecting and caring for skin, especially that of people that are elderly and/or affected by incontinence.

Therefore, our absorbent and skincare products incorporate the DERMO concept, which enables the regeneration of skin cells and provides a calming, anti-inflammatory effect.

People with severe urinary incontinence, the long-term bedridden or those in wheelchairs present a potential risk of injury to their skin. That is why at INDAS, we offer solutions that have been studied in detail and useful tips for preventing such damage to skin.

The ageing of skin in older and elderly people requires special attention. That is why we provide a broad range of products and advice for this stage in life.

Our wide range of solutions for skincare includes protectors and gels with new enhanced formulae for healing sores. Because we always want to offer solutions you can rely on for you and your family.

At INDAS, we know how important your health and that of your loved ones is to you.

Preventing skin problems has become a fundamental issue for INDAS. That is why we have developed products linked to prevention and we inform people of the benefits that may be obtained from having the right habits.

In this section, you will find tips on how to care for your skin: adequate hygiene, a correct diet and the use of products that help to protect skin on a daily basis all contribute towards keeping skin whole and healthy.

Body hygiene is a key aspect of skincare, particularly in the elderly, as it makes it possible to protect skin against external aggressions.

In the case of incontinence, the perineal area should be cleaned without delay with neutral soap and non-alcohol protective moisturising creams may also be used.

It is essential to ensure adequate moisturising in order to keep skin healthy. Drinking between one and two litres of liquids per day, especially in the case of the elderly, will help to avert renal and digestive problems and moisturise skin and keep skin healthy.

Although nutrition should be adjusted to take into account each person’s deficits, a diet that includes fruit, vegetables, carrots, milk, etc. and produces vitamin A, which is responsible for good skin nutrition, is recommended.

In the case of elderly people, in particular, regular warm baths are recommended, except for people with vascular problems.

Sunbathing is beneficial for the body, as long as protective creams are used before and after exposure, as it prevents vitamin D deficit and the loss of bone mass.

We are aware of the fact that each person is different and that is why they need different products. Our catalogue contains various different products to care for your skin and that of your loved ones.

If you would like to know which product best meets your needs, click on the “find your product” and we will guide you in your search.

Range of solutions for skincare:

Addermis Biactiv Skincare: Protective cream, protective oil, wet wipes and mitts for skin hygiene and regeneration.

Codipie elbow and ankle protector: protector to prevent sores from forming.

Cicactiv healing gel: its new formula containing Zinc Hyaluronate promotes better healing. To find our more, visit the website



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