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The origin of INDAS dates back to 1950, when it started out as a family company marketing sanitary products, gauze and cotton. In 1957, it started to manufacture dressings at the Novés Plant -Toledo, the origin of the current manufacturing operations.

In the 70s, INDAS started to expand its activity, by diversifing its production of sanitary towels and panty liners. In the 80s, the INDAS Group expanded its productive activity towards diapers and the manufacture of one of the most important products in use today, incontinence pads for adults intended for people affected by moderate, serious and severe incontinence. 

In the 90s, INDAS took over as the leader of the sanitary and hygienic industry offering solutions to professionals, patients and their relatives. The company extended its portfolio of absorbent and elastic products for severe incontinence, with elastic pads and absorbent protectors for bedridden patients. It also started to manufacture pads for light urine loss; nowadays one of INDASEC’s most successful products. In the same period, it embarked on its international expansion around Europe and Latam.

During 2000s, a major industrial overhaul was carried out at the Novés plant, all of the incontinence manufacturing lines were replaced and also new lines to manufacture baby products. Since then, INDAS has continued its steady business growth based on the technological modernization of the manufacturing plant and also offering to the market new innovative products maintaining leadership into the market.  

In 2014, INDAS became part of Domtar Group, within Personal Care division and then has started a new technological revolution wave. More than 60 million euros have been invested in new manufacturing lines, building new facilities, with the latest security systems. Today we can offer new advanced solutions for a better life of our consumers.



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