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Social responsability

Commitment to people.

commitment to people

At INDAS, we have created and fostered a strong commitment to the healthcare sector, to people affected by incontinence and their relatives and carers.

This commitment inspired us to create the INDAS INSTITUTE, an ethical body that is devoted to enhancing the quality of life of people with incontinence and which has become a reference for all initiatives carried out in this field.

The activities of the INDAS Institute are focused on the following:

Promoting information and communication between healthcare professionals and patients. The Institute also carries out ongoing work in dissemination and the exchange of knowledge, always with the goal of helping people to lead better lives.

Fostering work between public and private institutions and bodies.

Proposing initiatives aimed at preventing urinary incontinence and offering solutions to people that are affected by it and to those around them. Therefore, the INDAS Institute is involved in various lines of action, such as promoting research into the development of new solutions. For example, the INDAS Institute Awards acknowledge initiatives that represent major progress for people with incontinence.

The Institute has a scientific committee consisting of 5 experts in urology and 2 in gynaecology, who provide a global approach in this field, with the focus always being on progress.

Respect for the environment.

Respect for the environment

At INDAS, we adapt our processes and products to policies aimed at natural environment conservation and minimisation of environmental impact.

The innovation and technological development attained at our production plants have enabled the creation of facilities and production lines that are respectful of the environment. Therefore, 85% of the waste generated at these facilities (mostly cellulose and plastic), can be recycled. Similarly, all of the water used at the factory is purified and the air used in the production system is filtered, guaranteeing atmospheric emission quality in line with the “C” standard.

The work carried out by INDAS in respecting the environment has been acknowledged by various certificates of environmental efficiency, including the ISO 14001 granted by AENOR, the Spanish standardisation body.



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