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Surgical Drapes Convertia


INDAS - CONVERTIA boasts a wide range of products created with advanced technology and adapted to the needs of our clients in compliance with European standard EN 13795*.


Why choose CONVERTIA surgical drapes?

Greater protection.


Ease of use.

Easier working.

Immediate availability.

Ease of disposal and minimal environmental impact.


The fabric used in INDAS - CONVERTIA is a composite laminate.

All our products feature:

  • Super absorbent areas around the incision site to reinforce the critical area and help prevent the return of blood and fluid to the wound.
  • Velcro tube fasteners that facilitate the placement of instruments on the site without damaging materials/components
  • Table covers with a reinforced upside for instrument tables and Mayo stands that prevent any accidental leakage due to fluid accumulation or instrument weight.
  • Drainage port plugs. Scissors are not needed and the option exists of leaving the plug in place when it is not necessary to attach it to the suction tubes.
  • Double packaging.
  • Latex free.

Product localization

Only in hospitals.

Notable products


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