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At INDAS, we have been innovating for 25 years on solutions for patients with urinary incontinence. Ever since in the year 1984 some products for incontinent patients were incorporated into the list of items funded by the Spanish healthcare system, at INDAS we have concentrated our efforts on making major advances in the field of urinary incontinence.

With the aim of enhancing the quality of life of patients, at INDAS we are constantly innovating in our work: in designing our products, the materials and components of which they are made, the manufacturing processes and the technology that is used, to achieve unique products that amply meet patients’ needs.

We are aware of the fact that we have to develop different solutions, with products that can provide their users with security, protection and comfort:

Security, because our products for incontinence are capable of absorbing and retaining fluids, thus avoiding leakage and neutralising odour.

Protection, because the manufacturing system means that the fluids are locked away from the skin, avoiding dampness. Moreover, the skin-protective strips on the absorbent surface and their composition that is high in essential omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, ambiaty oil and aloe vera, means that the protection for patients' skin has been enhanced.

Comfort, because of the removable adhesive labels, the wetness indication lines and the elastics on legs and at waistband.

At INDAS we have the most complete range of products for incontinence on the market: children, young people (mostly women) and adults with different physical builds and degrees of incontinence.


At Indas, we have an extensive catalogue of products for urinary incontinence, for different ages and degrees of incontinence.

If you would like to consult the Indas product catalogue, click on “Products” and you will be able to download the technical specifications for each of our products

Products for children:

INDASLIP JUNIOR incontinence pads for children with enuresis: these pads avoid leaks and adapt to suit body contours with their anatomical shapes. 

Products for light incontinence:

INDASEC Light incontinence pads: light incontinence pads with a high absorption capacity, totally breathable and discreet; absorbent underwear garment, with discreet anatomical and elastic design. For further information, please visit:

INDASEC Light incontinence pads: These pads adapt perfectly to the male anatomy. High absorption ability and odour neutralising action. For further information, please visit:

Products for severe incontinence:

INDASLIP Severe incontinence pads: products with better absorbent cores and odour-neutralising particles, better adaptation (elastics) and enhanced protection, thanks to their skin protection strips.

SABANINDAS and INDASBED Protectors for bedridden patients: to protect people that are bedridden or in wheelchairs from humidity, contributing towards their comfort and avoiding the formation of ulcers.

Financed by the Social Security system

Severe incontinence pads: rectangular pads; anatomical pads and elastic double waistband pads.

Mesh pad holder.

Urine collectors to facilitate the flow of blood and urine.



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