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Sanitary products

INDAS has been developing products for the healthcare sector for the last 60 years. Our history is this sector goes back to when we used to manufacture cotton dressings, gauze dressings, hydrophilic cotton, gauze and crepe bandages and high-absorption non-woven and cotton dressings; products that are  still being marketed nowadays.

At INDAS, we develop our products with a view to offering patients an excellent service: therefore, we work to provide the right products at the right time for them to be used.

Our responsibility is focused on offering a differential service; therefore, we optimise the supply chain of customised surgical consumables (Custom Procedure Trays - CPTs) in the hospital sector: we work with the managers of centres to define costs, identify the product range and the optimal stock levels needed, as well as adequate stock replenishment.

Our solutions for the healthcare sector include disposable products for surgical use; this line of products was recently expanded to include a disposable range of products for surgical use with coats offering varying degrees of protection, sheets and protective equipment, to ensure that patients receive the maximum protection.

We also have a wide range of sanitary products for patients, on sale in pharmacies and large surface retail outlets. We have been innovating in the healthcare sector for 60 years and nowadays, our solutions are a guarantee of quality.

All our products meet the essential requirements included in national and European regulations and are manufactured according to the ISO 9001 Quality System. Therefore, they all have the CE marking providing proof of this guarantee.

Our catalogue of sanitary products ranges between straightforward solutions for patients, available at pharmacies and commercial outlets, and disposable surgical materials, which are distributed exclusively in hospital venues.

If you would like to consult the Indas product catalogue, please click on “Products” and you will be able to download the technical specifications for each of our products.

Products for hospital venues:

PRÓXIMA surgical cover: Protective equipment, surgical coats, sheets and cloths, among others.

Gauze and foam dressings for wounds.

INDAPOX high absorption dressings: adapt to any injured area.

INDAS gauze dressings for surgical use and wounds.

NOTE non-woven pads for use in wounds.

TRAQUEO's dressings for tracheometry patients: these keep the area of the stoma separate, thus avoiding infections.

Elastic crepe bandages with cotton threads.

VENDOR cushioned cotton and synthetic bandages.

MATERNITY technological cotton and cellulose pads.

Disposable bibs for adults, with waterproof backsheet.

Products for sale in pharmacies:

Highly absorbent and resistant sanitary hydrophilic cotton.

Sterile gauze dressing for use in wounds.

TRAQUEO’S dressings for tracheotomy patients: to isolate the area of the stoma and avoid infection.

Elastic crepe bandages with cotton threads.

SANISORB breastfeeding pads with waterproof backsheet.

MATERNITY cotton and cellulose obstetric pads.

Products for sale in large-surface retail outlets:

LOTO sanitary hydrophilic cotton: absorbent and highly resistant.

LOTO sterile gauze dressing for use in wounds.

CORAL breastfeeding pads, with waterproof backsheet.



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